These were the ruins of a place called “Wet Willies” after Katrina, before they tore it down.  To think I had spent countless days here, burning my feet on the ground that was too hot too walk on.  Always hoping I’d get the blue mat.  Trying not to slip off your mat, because your legs would be bleeding at the end of the slide if you do.  Although, sometimes I would just slip off it anyways, hang out for a minute, and ride down with a stranger.  It was a fun place.  I have fond memories.  Now, it’s a bunch of condos.  
Lately, I’ve been realizing I’ve repressed a lot of shit that happened after the storm, and didn’t realize it until now.  Like, I looked up and was like what the fuck happened?  What the fuck happened to my childhood?  What happened to my family?  What happened to my friends?

Now it seems like everyone’s gone.
and the people that stuck around don’t give a fuck.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining,  just… just putting it out there for anyone who remembers this place.  just reminiscing.